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Massage Program

Massage Program of Study

You must meet Current eligibility guidelines in order to sit for one if the National Certification Examinations.  There are three ways that you may be eligible to take the exam.  Each method requires that you have specific amounts of training and/or experience as a therapeutic massage and or bodywork professional.

Education Criteria

To be considered elegible to take the NCETMB or NCETM, a candidate must have completed a minimum of 500 hours of instruction from a school that has a NCB Assigned School Code.

  • 300 Hours (60%) delivered: In-class (face-to-face) or in a distant education format (CD, DVD, online or videotape).
  • 200 Hours (40%) of hands-on instruction delivered in-class (face-to-face) only.
  • The program of instruction must include: 200 hours of massage and bodywork assessment, theory and application instruction.
  •  A minimum of: 125 hours of instruction on the body system (anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology).
  • 40 hours of Pathology
  • 10 hours of business and ethics instruction (a minimum of 6 hours in ethics).
  • 125 hours of instruction in an area or related field that theoretically completes your massage program of study.





Our college includes office space in Lakewood, CO just off 8th and Simms. Lotus Aesthetics International College is located at 820 Simms St. Lakewood, CO 80401.  We have a large open instruction area scheduled for hands on trainint and testing.  Two bathrooms, dispensary, sanitation are, 2 hot towel cabby’s Ultraviolet sterilizer, makeup bar, waxing station, two 8-in-1 multi function machines, two brush machines, two steamers, and two high frequency machines.  In the lab training areas, there are also many sheets, towels, gowns, head bands, sponges, brushes, extractors, dioplers, hazardous materials waste containers, galvanic machine, and linens stored in closed closet.




Esthetics and Massage Curriculum


This curriculum will provide the student with upgraded technology, education, experience, and technical skills required by state laws, Para-medical clinics or spas, and clinical standards to seek employment or establish their own business, or become better qualified to work in medical offices where skin care services are offered and stronger skills are in demand.  Student must have an esthetician, Para-medical esthetician, nursing, dermatology, or cosmetology state license to apply for positions in the Para-medical clinic or spa industry



The Lotus Aesthetics International College utilizes a wide range of training aids, including: workshops, lectures, films, guest lectures, and experiential demonstrations, as well as externships in other clinics.


Text Books

Milady’s Standard Fundamentals for Esthetician, Joel Gerson, Thompson Publishing, 2011, Cosmetology, by Milady’s Standard.  Milady’s Chemical Exfoliation Procedures. Aesthetic Video’s on Brazilian Waxing.  “Tissues Cleansing through bowel management” by Dr.Bernard Jensen, Massage Therapy, Anatomy Coloring Book, Heal Your Body, Louis Hay, Oriental Diagnosis by Kushi, Gastrointestinal Health, Rejuvenation by Brenda Watson, Nutritional and Supplementation in current video’s and DVD are also used during the course.  Course in Miracles Text, Workbook and Teachers Manual


Tuition Fees

Tuition and Fees depend on the courses taking.


Esthetics Program Student Kit

Is an additional $622.00 ($622.00 (non-refundable) due the first day of class, includes lab coat, scrubs, extractors, brushes for mineral cosmetics, tweezers, and other skin care supplies and basic nutritional products, depending on the course enrollment.  Lab fees and school examination fees are included.  Student kit is the sole responsibility of the student.  Any replacement is at the students expense.



600 Hour

1000 Hour Medical Massage Program

MLD Stand alone  Course