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Do you have a natural desire to heal people? Be your own boss in less then 6 months! Make up to $75 an hour and set your own schedule. Become certified in the State of Colorado to be a licensed CMT and receive 600 hours.This is a stand alone course for full certification.

Entire Cost for program is $9,530.00.

The Lotus Aesthetics International College is dedicated to our students and clients who seek better skin care.  It is the dream of Phyllis Phillips and the staff that we could open with ground breaking programs and become the source so many is seeking, to offers diplomas and certificate programs for students dreaming the same dream and willing to step up and be part of the skin care revolution and solution.

The Lotus Aesthetics International College varies slightly from other medical esthetics program strategies.

These strategies dermatologists say, have the potential to help the tens of millions of Americans who suffer from chronic skin ailments.  And many patients, frustrated by skin conditions that seem to be resistant to traditional medicine, are apparently willing to give them try.  It’s the idea behind an emerging medical specialty that explores the interaction between the mind and the skin.  Its practitioners believe that for some patients, stress may play a role in skin conditions from acne to psoriasis, rosacea, warts, eczema, blushing, and hives.  By incorporating Oriental skin care into the programs offered at Lotus Aesthetics International College we are able to address some of the underlying issues that offer traditional medical strategies do not.
Phyllis Phillips, Licensed Esthetician and Cosmetologist is the director and owner of Lotus Aesthetics International College and Ange de la Mer Salon and Spa Inc.
Phyllis Philips’s dream of providing a school for esthetics has been a vision for approximately five years.  She is now able and excited to make it come true.  The esthetic field has grown so much and continues to have a large growth spurt.  I want to provide students with as much or as little training as they desire.  The courses we are offering can give them the education they need to become successful in the esthetics field in many types of positions, from fluff and buff to the medical side esthetics.

Guest Lectures

Are from all over the USA and in Easter and Western Colorado: include (but not limited to) Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, and Registered Nurses, Book Authors and Treatment pioneers


The Lotus Aesthetics International College will use a vast variety of advisors in the Para-medical and medical sciences fields setting protocols and doing intakes for advanced student clinics to aid in meeting the schools goal of training the best of the best in the medical spa industry.


School Goals and Mission Statement

The Lotus Aesthetics International College with corporate headquarters in Lakewood, Colorado was incorporated in January, 2013.  The school has as its principal objective the training of qualified, Cosmetologists, Estheticians: to prepare them to pass State or National Examination (NCBTBM )for Massage Licensure, to render the service to patrons, and to conscientiously prepare them to be an asset to their future employers/career.  To present an organized approach to students and patrons by consistently endeavoring to improve the operation of the school by encouraging staff to addend clinics, seminars, etc., and to keep abreast with the ever-changing developments and techniques in all phases of this industry.

Non-Discrimination Policy

Lotus Aesthetics International College does not unlawfully discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, sexual orientation, relidgon, age, national orgin, handicap, etc. Lotus Aesthetics International College complies with all Federal and State statues and laws in its admissions, or access to, or treatment, or employment in its educational programs or activities.  Inquires may be referred to The School Administrator, Phyllis Phillips.


Regarding credits for previous training: The school does not guarantee the transferability of its credits to any other institution unless there is a written agreement with another institution.  Granting of credit for previous training shall not impact our refund policy.

Medical Massage Program for National Certification Standards

Our 1000 hour program offers all and more of the requirements needed to sit for the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB).

Our 600 hour massage program meets the state requirements for practicing massage in Colorado.  A school test and clinical practice will be included in this course.

The 100 hour Spa Massage Boot Camp is a must if you have been working in the massage industry and want to branch into the spa arena with massage therapy.  This course is good for CEU’s.